FOL Minutes August 14, 2018

Friends of the Powers Memorial Library
Meeting August 14, 2018
6:00 pm
Call to order: 6:03

Members present: President Lori, Treasurer Connie, Secretary Carol, Carolyn, Juli, Rebecca, Guest Pat Zimmerman, and Director Erik Braun

Minutes of last meeting: Approved as written

Public Comment (Limit to 10 minutes): None

Finance Report
Current check book balance: $8,861.00
Credits: $104.00
Debits: $207.65

Directors Report: About 50-60 people attended Family Fun Night. It rained during the first half of the event. The martial arts presentation occurred, and the bouncy house was enjoyed by the children. The Community Band was unable to come. It was suggested that there be a rain date or another location designated like the high school gym. Money was lost on the event.

Committee Reports
Family Fun Night Wrap Up: The Chamber of Commerce suggested that we change our night so it doesn’t conflict with their Thursday night meeting. However, our banner and flyers designate the second Thursday of August as Family Fun Night. A Thank You will be noted on the library website to those groups and persons who contributed their time, talents, and equipment.

Fundraiser ideas
Zoo Passes: If a person takes out 5 books, s(he) can put her/his name in for one of the zoo pass combos.
Ideas to utilize raffle license throughout the year: None at this time

Recruitment ideas to increase The Friends membership count
Invite a friend to the Friends meeting: Always

Other items that come to the Friends attention
Bench Dedication/Meet New Director/Patron of the Year: A date in September is to be determined based on availability of the Cisler Family. Thursdays work best. Connie will contact Reyna about which store to go for engraving to match the lettering on the plaque.
Chamber of Commerce Meeting: Only 5 members attended. Juli reported that one of the fundraiser ideas discussed is a Farmer’s/Craft’s Market to be held on 2 Fridays of the month from May to October. They will also try to incorporate trail riders into events. The UW-Waukesha Extension held a very informative meeting for business owners which was sparsely attended.
Communications: None
Director’s Wish List: None at this time
Junk Parade Float: Possibly next year
Car Show Basket: Delightful Lori will put the basket together with Carolyn
helping with contributions. Then, Lori will drop it off at the bank.
Patron of the Year: Ruth Ann Mueller
Snacks: Connie

Suggestions for next agenda: Book Sale, Patron of the Year/Meet the New Director

Set date for next meeting: September 11th

Adjournment: 6:55