FOL Minutes September 11, 2018

Friends of the Powers Memorial Library
Meeting September 11, 2018
6:00 pm
Call to order: 6:01

Members present: President Lori, Treasurer Connie, Lauren, Carolyn, Juli, Guest Pat Zimmerman, and Director Erik Braun

Minutes of last meeting: Approved as written with the exception that it was reported that Rebecca was present. She was not.

Public Comment (Limit to 10 minutes): None

Finance Report
Current check book balance: $8,804.17
Credits: $383.27.00
Debits: $112.53
Cashbox: $50.00

Directors Report: The book sale begins Thursday, September 13 and runs through Monday, September 17. On the 13th we will also have the Bench Dedication, Patron of the Year and a “Meet and Greet” with the new Director, Erik Braun. We will provide the Patron of the Year with a corsage. Connie had the plaque engraved. Lori will give a brief introduction for the bench dedication, Patron of the Year and the new Director.

There will be a children’s activity in October or November, a showing of an Incredibles movie. We may be able to use the remaining snacks/hotdogs from the Family Fun Night for this. There will also be a “Guess a banned book” activity.

Circulation for August was 2,237. 16 new library cards were issued in August. There were 83 Program attendees. 615 people walked through the doors.

Committee Reports
Book Sale: This will run 9/13-9/17. The books are being set up after the 9/11 FOL meeting. Any unsold books will be packed up on Monday 9/17 between 3:30 and 5 p.m. at which time the Library Board is meeting. The clean-up will continue 9/18 at 9 a.m. until completed. Assistance is appreciated with the packing efforts on both 9/17 and 9/18. Lauren will call the Jefferson County Jail in hopes of donating suitable books to them.

Fundraiser ideas
Zoo Passes: These were awarded to three winners: Kathy Nichols, Alyssa Zylke and Barbara Fulton. 43 people had checked out 5 or more items during the month and were eligible.
Ideas to utilize raffle license throughout the year: A Christmas Raffle. We can do some book baskets. If you have basket discards, please bring them in. We will all bring some items to fill the baskets. We will discuss at the next meeting and the meeting after that we will bring the fill items. As a goal, we may want to have the baskets completed by the date of the Cornerstone’s craft show.
Book Signing: Dr. Ed Anhalt would conduct a book signing for his recent publication “Mandatory Reading: Open Your Mind to 18 of Life’s Most Important Questions”. A percentage of the proceeds from the book sales, perhaps 25%, would be donated to the FOL. He has worked with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and will be “replicating this model in other cities around the country”. Lauren suggested that we vet Dr. Anhalt and the book prior to proceeding with this fundraising idea.

Recruitment ideas to increase The Friends membership count
Invite a friend to the Friends meeting: Always

Other items that come to the Friends attention
Chamber of Commerce Meeting: The car show was discussed. The two women that co-ordinated it in the past will no longer do so. There will a Pancake Breakfast the morning of the car show. Rick Martin will provide his pancake maker. A scholarship to the Palmyra Park and Rec was proposed. This would be along the line of providing financial assistance with equipment costs for scholarship recipients.
Communications: None
Director’s Wish List: A Sports umbrella that would be suitable for use at the beach and sporting events and could be checked out.
Snacks: Connie

Suggestions for next agenda: Christmas Basket Raffle , Wrap Up of the Book Sale, Crafts or Wine Tasting Fund Raiser, Book Signing- Dr. Anholt

Set date for next meeting: October 9th

Adjournment: 6:50