Welcome to the MakerSpace program at Powers Memorial Library in Palmyra!!

What is a MakerSpace? 

“A community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, machining, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialize and collaborate.” – Wikipedia

2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at 3:30  p.m.

Please be sure to read our MakerSpace Policy and our 3D Printer Policy for more information.

We are always looking for those willing and able to be volunteers!

In our MakerSpace we have something for everyone:

3D Printing

CNC Milling


LEGO Mindstorms

Sewing Machines

Snap Circuits




And so much more!

Here are some handy “Maker” links to give you an idea of what we hope to do with the program:

Links to Basic “Maker” Skills:
Basic electronics — This video introduces the concpet of the ampere (a concept basic to understanding electronics) in a fun, kid-friendly way.
Basic electronics — This video shows how batteries work, again in a fun and kid-friendly way
Basic electronics — This video shows how a capacitor works and how a capacitor is different from a battery, again in a fun and kid-friendly way.
Basic electronics — This video introduces viewers to multimeters, which are important tools when working with electronics. Learn how to measure voltage, resistance, current, and continuity, as well as which meters works best for specific tasks.
Basic computer coding — This video introduces the Binary and Hexadecimal number systems, which are two important numeral systems used in computer coding languages.
Basic computer coding — this website has a series of videos and tutorials, all designed to encourage interest in computer science and allow children and other absolute beginners to learn very basic programming in a very visual way (“dragging and dropping” commands).
Sewing — This YouTube video shows the basic skills needed for hand sewing projects.
Sewing — This YouTube video demonstrates the basics of sewing with a sewing machine.
E-textiles — This video gives ten “tips and tricks” for using conductive thread, which is a new, metallic thread that actually conducts electricity.
Microcontrollers — This is part of a series of online tutorials put out by the Adafruit company and designed to teach the basics of using an Arduino microcontroller. This particular link is to the first lesson in the series, “Arduino lesson 0, Getting started.”
3D Printing — This online article describes the technology behnd 3D printing, as well applications and history of this technology. A handy infographic is included at the end of the article.