Think libraries are a place full of dusty, dingy, old books with librarians whispering at you to always ‘Be Quiet!’? Well, think again! We at Powers Memorial Library are striving to create that “cool, hang-out space” and present more of a collective learning approach. Stop by today to check everything out and be sure to follow the Teens Programs page for all of the exciting events.


Teens here can find everything at THEIR local library like:


Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

Trendy crafting

Gaming Nights

Social Space to hang out with your friends

Wii Games and Consoles

MakerSpace evenings (you can try and hide that 3D-printed Pokemon ball around the library; we promise we didn’t see you)


Volunteer Opportunities 

Awesome Librarians willing to help you with whatever

And most importantly: access to all the YA Books possible!