Loan Periods

1 Week Loan Period

Regular DVDs

Wii Games

Music CDs

Magazines (The library does not allow the current month of each magazine to circulate)

Mobile Hotspots

Playaway Launchpads

2 Week Loan Period

TV Series DVDs

Adult and Children New Fiction and New Non-Fiction Books

3 Week Loan Period

All other items, excluding book club kits

Other Items

The Palmyra Enterprise does not circulate

Some reference books do not circulate, while others are limited to overnight or a one-week loan

Microfilm may not circulate from the library

Headphones are for in-house use only and may not circulate from the library.


Renewals and Returns

Library materials may be renewed online via the CAFE catalog or by calling (262)495-4605. If it is another library’s copy, staff is not to override the due dates in the system to extend the loan period for an item that has other holds on it or is the only copy within the system without obtaining permission from the owning library first. Renewal on Interlibrary Loan Materials will vary.

Most items are able to be renewed three times, excluding the following circumstances:

  • If there is a hold on the item for another patron

  • Items previously renewed three times

In emergency situations (i.e. such as weather) the Library Director will take into consideration allowing a custom due date for the item to be returned.

Please return AV items in the AV drop located in the window next to the door and books via the book drop located in the wall to the left of the door. Playaway Launchpads and Mobile Hotspots MUST be returned to a staff member at the Main Circulation Desk.

For information on our Overdue Fines, please see here.