Overdue Fines

Fines and Fees

1. The late fine will begin from the date that the items are due, resulting in no grace period for any materials.
2. Patrons with overdue fines totaling more than $5 will be denied borrowing privileges until the fine is reduced. However, children may check out one or two books at a time until the fine is under $5. They may not check out movies.
3. Patron with overdue fines totaling more than $10 will be denied computer privileges until their fine is reduced to under $5.
4. If a patron sends in an overdue payment which is larger than the actual amount, the overage will be noted on the patron’s record and refunded upon his or her next visit.

Children’s Books $.10/day
Adult Books, Periodicals, Audio Books $.25/day
CDs / Reference Materials $.50/day
DVDs / Wiscat/ILL Items $1.00/day
Wii Games $2.00/day

Other Charges

A. Lost and Damaged Items

Items will be considered lost if they are not returned within 42 days of the last renewal. If a patron loses an item and pays for it there will be no refund for the item if the patron later finds it and the item has been replaced. The patron may keep the item or may choose to donate the item back to the Library. However, if the item is found in the Library, the money will be refunded.
If a patron has damaged an item beyond repair, the patron will be charged full current retail replacement cost, with an administrative service charge of $5 per item. A charge of $10 will be added to the replacement charge for audio books on CD or cassette books to offset the cost of binders. For lost items, standard replacement costs apply, as exact replacements of items will not be accepted.

1. Replacement Costs

• Adult Hardcover $30
• Children’s Hardcover $20
• Video / DVD $25
• Mass Market Paperback $10
• Reference Books $75
• Magazines $5
• Compact Disc $20
• Abridged Audio Book $30
• Unabridged Audio Book $55
• Wii Games $50
2. Damaged Material Costs
• Damaged Item – Standard replacement cost and patron may keep item if so desired
• Missing Barcode – $2.00
• Replacement Book Cover – $2.00
• Damaged CD Case – $2.00
• Missing CD Liner Notes – $2.00
• Damaged Audio Book Case – $5.00
• Missing Audio Book Liner Notes – $2.00
• Minor markings on Item – $1.00